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19 August 2012 @ 10:43 am
The vast majority of this list was compiled and written by [livejournal.com profile] visioneightfold.

I have copy-pasted it out of their journal and over here for the sake of readability, access (as the journal was 18+ restricted), and potential to update it with changes (as it doesn't seem like the old keeper has been around for a few years and we're getting new troll jargon all the time). Should they come across it and want it taken down, I will immediately comply.

Anyway, this list of troll terms and biological features is taken completely from canon—no fanon ideas are used, and nor will they be used. Please feel free to comment with additions and corrections!

Without further ado! :33 )
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:33 < *ac hopes you are enjoying her rolepurrplaying!*
:33 < *she likes to think she is doing a good job of staying in character!*
:(( < no rolepurrlayer is purrfect though, so i hope you will excuse any mistakes!
:33 < but dont ignore them!
:33 < why not tell me what i am doing so pawfully at here so i can impurrove?
x33 < of course purraises arent going to be turned away from either 
:33 < comments are scr33ned anon is on and ip addresses wont be logged!
:33 < if you n33d to get in contact with miss mun you can also ask about that here :33

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:33 < *ac types in this wonderfurl shade of olive gr33n that matches her blood color!*
:33 < *her sp33ch prec33ds itself with the face of her lusus, who is pawsibly the most adorable kitty she has ever s33n!*
:33 < *she also incorporates furriendly rolepurrlaying into her confursations*
:33 < *she doesnt use capitalization or apostrophes, but ofurwise her syntax is purrfect*

I can imagine this getting annoying after a while.

If Nepeta's typing quirk is an inconvenience to you or makes it difficult to read, let me know here and I'll type as normal when/if we do text threads! The cat puns are going to stay, though, but I can at least italicize them.

I swear I won't blame you at all for it, though, because I can understand massive chunks of troll text getting annoying to anyone who isn't used to it! Don't worry!